Sunday, November 6, 2011

Some of my Witchy Poetry

I've been working through a bit of a funk since August and the time of my deceased Mother's birthday.  It only got worse, as the one year anniversary of her death approached and passed, and the anniversary of her memorial service came and went.   I am once again working on writing, drawing, and being creative, but I am still lacking in confidence--a negative side affect of my recent funky mood.   Though I have been working on an entry on Psychic Vampires, I am not yet done with it.  But it has been a long time since I've blogged and I feel a bit of urgency about keeping this going.  So, as a means of priming the pump for future entries, I've decided to share just a few of my poems with you.  I hope you enjoy!

May your joys e’er be many
And your sorrows be few;
The Old Gods and Goddess’
E’er watch over you.

May they guide your feet
On all of their paths;
And you merit their favor
But never their wrath.

May you find power and wisdom
To enlighten your life;
Let your passing harm none
And never work strife.

May you walk in the way
Of the ancients before;
To honor the Old Ones
And acquire their lore.

May you always be one
With the Fey and the trees,
Acquainted with stone, herb enchantment,
Hear the voice on the breeze.

May you wield the mystic powers,
By Earth and by Air
And by Fire and Water
As your will if you dare.

May you look to the Goddess
In laughter and in pain;
From birth into the grave unseen
And beyond to the after between.

May She water your garden
With her gentle rain;
To bring Earth’s abundance,
Prosperity and gain.

May you seek the Craft of the Wise
Perfect in love and in trust;
Take not your gifts lightly
Act in honor you must.

May you tread the Earth gently
And vow ever to care,
For all Mother’s children
And her creatures all where.

May your joys e’er be many
And your sorrows be few;
The Old Gods and Goddess’
E’er watch over you.

May the words of this blessing
Alway’ be to your gain
Merry Meet, Merry Part,
And Merry Meet Again.


Thank you for the grain that grows
The fruit upon the vine
The warm Sunlight upon Earth’s breast,
And the seasons that unwind.

Lord and Lady dine with us
Share our drink and feast
Lend your blessings to us now,
Your nourishment and healing be released.


Luna’s orb has risen high
‘ere tolls the midnight hour
Seal the circle, light the flames,
Evoke the ancient powers.

Deosil the lively dance
Round and round we go
Air grows hot as Witches prance
Sparks glitter o’er each brow.

Thirteen minds and wills entwined
Raise energy to its peak
Shivers travel down each spine
Sacred space electrified

And when the climax has been reached.
The priestess commands down
The veil between the worlds is breached
And everybody hits the ground.

Cone of power bears our will
Ordained to manifest.
Energy spent all lie quiet and still
Enchantment sent at our behest.

Prepare we now to regale
Our working now is done
Let us retire with cakes and ale
Relax, and have some fun!

Luna’s orb will set right soon
The time night has passed on by
Quickly sisters, fly home to bed
Before the rooster cries!

Merry Meet and Merry Part
Again gather we next Moon
When once again the magick starts
As we chant the Witches rune!


In the darkness of the night
Flame of magic burning bright,
By the light of  mystic gleam
Multiply the energies of my dream
By the forces of magic and by my will
By words of power my will fulfill.

Melt away etched runes of power
Release stored energy by the hour
Candle flame raise your light
Enchantment carried on fateful flight.
By the forces of magic and by my will
By words of power my will fulfill.


My priest perform the honored rite
Sacred Space transformed,
Enflamed auras shining bright
Transformations are performed.

By charm enchant the Universe
Serenade the night with spell,
Croon the lover’s song with me
Drink deeply from my well.

Reverently the chalice stir
By athame and love,
Together we become the One
Transcendent, divine, from above.

You are the Sun, I am the Moon
Brightly do we shine.
Intoxicate the Universe with light
Serpent rising, God and Goddess are enshrined.

It should go without saying that the poetry I have written is my intellectual property and should not be copied, shared, or otherwise used without my written permission!

Love and Blessings,


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